5 free tools to check your website SEO stats in 2019

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5 Free SEO Stats Checker & Keyword Research Tools

Now come to the point today I’m going to share a list of free SEO stats check and Keyword research tools. If you want more traffic comes to your blog/web you should have analysis your website/blog which will point out SEO errors you need to fix in order to get more traffic from search engines.

1. Neil Patel SEO Checker

Neilpatel.com is the number 1 free SEO analysis and keyword research tools you can get a detailed analysis report of SEO of your website/blog and can also get results about keywords. The platform also helps you how difficult the keyword to rank on Google.

2. Woorank SEO Checker

Woorank.com is the 2nd best SEO stats checker tool, in my opinion, you can Instantly review your website for free with the WooRank SEO Checker! Find issues, track keywords, identify opportunities & create reports. However, like Neilpatel the woorank is not totally free.

3. Small SEO Tools

Smallseotools.com is the 3rd best tool for free SEO analysis and it will show you a complete and detailed report of your website SEO this tools also have many other features and even article rewriter tools. So this is the best tool for beginners in my opinion.

4. Site Checker Pro

Sitechecker.pro is also the best tool for checking SEO stats you just need to submit URL to check SEO parameters. Launch SEO audit for the whole website.

5. Similar Web

Similarweb.com is also one of the best tools for checking SEO stats and keyword research. Similarweb also gives the rank to your website same like Alexa rank.
So above are the best 5 tools to check free detailed SEO stats of your website/blog. Please let me know in comments about your experience after reading this so it can help me to do some best.