Today, I was scrolling my Facebook Newsfeed and suddenly I saw a post by a guy. He was struggling in getting orders on Fiverr from last 6 months. When I read the comments and found  30 more persons with the same issue. They create profiles on Fiverr and still waiting for orders from 3-6 months.

I asked for their profile links and I found one thing common in all profile, they were working in Highly competitive categories. For new profiles, it’s very hard to get an order in a hot niche.  You need reviews on your profile for entering categories like WordPress, graphics, and Programming.  As these projects have high on budget and buyer always want to hire seller with good reviews.

I am come up with 7 best gig ideas which really works for you in 2019.   Help you in establishing your Fiverr profile and which leads you to work in hot categories with a high budget.

7 best and high paying Fiverr gig ideas with 100%  warranty of orders!

 I added 7 best gig idea for all new sellers who are facing problems in getting orders on Fiverr. You don’t need any technical skills for these services and very easy to do for newbies. What you need a perfect execution of all gig.


1. I will create your business page on all Social Media sites:

Yes, you can’t imagine one of my friends created this gig on Fiverr and he gets daily 5- 10 orders. What he has to simply create Facebook Page for his buyers and charge them 5 dollars. And its only take 3 minutes to create a Facebook Page. 15 of last month he gets his Level one badge on Fiverr.

Add this gig to your profile and you will get amazing results without doing any technical stuff. What you need to do is simply get information like name. phone, Address, DP, And website link.  Use this information in creating a page and then make him an admin of the page.

2. I will send you  199 motivational images for your social media profiles:

This gig really works for you if you don’t have any skill and want to earn. I know a guy who is right now level 2 seller on Fiverr and he only sells Motivational images for social media. What he did is simply collect motivational images for different categories like Education, Luxury, Bodu building, and other quote images.  Provide 199 Images in just 15$ and just send his client’s pre-created files of images.


3. I will play a video game with you:

If your gamer and waste your whole day in playing games. Here is good news for you that now you can earn money by playing video games. What you need is a Fiverr gig in which you offer this services. Believe me, you will get tons of orders from this simple game. You can charge your client by an hour or day. Even you can sell games coins and points.

4. Facebook, Google maps reviews and Youtube Comments:

If you can write a killer review about anything then you can sale review writing services. Where you have to write a 5-star review for Different Facebook Page or Google Map business reviews. It may take your 10 – 20 mins for writing a review and you will earn 5 – 15$ in just 10 mins. So, create a gig on related to Business reviews.


5.  I will send you a list of Facebook Groups related to any niche:

You can sell Facebook Groups links on Fiverr. People are hungry to find such gigs. What you need to do is, simply search on facebook with related keywords and you will get a list of groups. Just copy the links in a file and send that file to your buyers. You will earn 15$ to 35$ for just selling these group links. I recently shared a list of groups from almost 50 categories on my website you can download the list by going to this post: How to get 50,000 Facebook video views 

6. Business details of  any city:

This gig is related to data scraping and you can provide data from shops, stores, hotels, and other business. What you have to do is install an automated extension or software which can collect data from google maps. You need to paste the link and it will start scraping data from all the google pages for targeted keywords.

Soon I will  write a  post about how to collect/scrap data from google. Also share some usefull sites and tools which can be use for collecting data automaticlly.

You will get Name,Website, email, ratings, address, and phone number of any business by using google maps.

7. Give you a perfect Relationship Advice

Here comes our last gig idea which is about Relationship Advice. You can create a gig about advising anything. Like Love, Life, Education, and Business. I saw very successful gigs with level two. What they do is only use their daily life experience and give a piece of valuable advice to their clients. If you are not clear about certain things, just search in google and answer your clients.

These are the best working gig ideas for those who are struggling on Fiverr. Hope this post helps you in getting orders on Fiverr. If you’re facing any problem on Fiverr just comment below or contact me through contact us page. I will help you in getting sales.