How to enable Facebook Ads Monetization on your pages by using Facebook Watch

Facebook now allows its users to monetize their video content through Facebook Watch. Facebook Watch allows owners of Facebook pages to enable Monetization on their content and earn some money from creating content on Facebook.

So finally, Facebook introduces there very fast video Monetisation program Facebook Watch. Facebook Watch allow its users to show ads to break in their video content. Facebook Creators can earn a very handsome amount from their videos by showing ads during live streams or 3 minutes long video videos.

What are the Requirements for Ad break (Facebook Monetisation)?

  • A Facebook Page with 10k (10,000) Followers
  • 30000 one minute views on your 3-minute long video in last 60 days
  • Content must follow Facebook monetization eligibility standards
  • Last but not least Country Eligibility

These are the current four requirements by Facebook for ads break. If your a video creator and having all the required elements then your in and you can show ads on your videos. Don’ worry if in case you are missing any of the Monetisation requirements. In this post, I will also guide how to complete all the requirements of the Facebook Watch.


The very 1st requirement for Facebook ads break is you must have a Facebook Fan page with 10k follower or Likes. If you don’t have 10,000 Likes on your Page you can’t Monetize your videos with ads breaks. For getting 10,000 followers you can hire any social media expert or promote your page using your Facebook boosting.

1 Minute view for 3-minute videos:

It’s mean you at least have 30000 active views of one minute on any of your video with a length of 3 minutes minimum. These views should come within the last 60 days which mean you need a video with at least 100k views for getting this requirement complete. If you have this amount of views well and good but if you don’t have then don’t worry about that you can hire me and i can complete the 30,000 one minute views for you. You can do it by yourself by sharing your content in big groups or by using paid promotions, its all depend on you which way you select to achieve the video views for Facebook Watch.

Monetization Eligibility Standards:

This section is about terms and conditions where you follow the policy of Facebook Ads Break or not. For making this section green you have to avoid copyright strikes or content which can be the cause of a third party interference.

Country availability:

Right now Facebook Ad Break is available in few countries and most of the countries are in Europe or you can say only European countries users are allowed to use Facebook ad break. If your country is not supported by the Facebook ad break you can change the page address and add any random USA address. Also, add an admin account of USA on your page which help you n making green your Page country. You can create a USA account by using any proxy software or ask your friend who lives in the USA.

I suggest you to watch this video and follow all the steps taken in the video to make your page country available.

How to Check Facebook Ads Earnings:

There are many ways to check Facebook ads break earnings. You can check the earnings of your all videos and pages just going to your Creator Studio on Facebook and click on Monetisation section from left. If you still confuse just watch the video I shared below.

How to Setup Payment method for Facebook page Monetisation section?

To set up payment method you 1st need to on your Monetisation for your Facebook page. Once you’re done with the page now you can follow the steps which are taken in the video below.

So, this is all about Facebook ads break and I will update this article if I found any informative content or tricks related to Facebook Ad Break.

7 Best Fiverr Gig Ideas [Works in 2019]

Today, I was scrolling my Facebook Newsfeed and suddenly I saw a post by a guy. He was struggling in getting orders on Fiverr from last 6 months. When I read the comments and found  30 more persons with the same issue. They create profiles on Fiverr and still waiting for orders from 3-6 months.

I asked for their profile links and I found one thing common in all profile, they were working in Highly competitive categories. For new profiles, it’s very hard to get an order in a hot niche.  You need reviews on your profile for entering categories like WordPress, graphics, and Programming.  As these projects have high on budget and buyer always want to hire seller with good reviews.

I am come up with 7 best gig ideas which really works for you in 2019.   Help you in establishing your Fiverr profile and which leads you to work in hot categories with a high budget.

7 best and high paying Fiverr gig ideas with 100%  warranty of orders!

 I added 7 best gig idea for all new sellers who are facing problems in getting orders on Fiverr. You don’t need any technical skills for these services and very easy to do for newbies. What you need a perfect execution of all gig.


1. I will create your business page on all Social Media sites:

Yes, you can’t imagine one of my friends created this gig on Fiverr and he gets daily 5- 10 orders. What he has to simply create Facebook Page for his buyers and charge them 5 dollars. And its only take 3 minutes to create a Facebook Page. 15 of last month he gets his Level one badge on Fiverr.

Add this gig to your profile and you will get amazing results without doing any technical stuff. What you need to do is simply get information like name. phone, Address, DP, And website link.  Use this information in creating a page and then make him an admin of the page.

2. I will send you  199 motivational images for your social media profiles:

This gig really works for you if you don’t have any skill and want to earn. I know a guy who is right now level 2 seller on Fiverr and he only sells Motivational images for social media. What he did is simply collect motivational images for different categories like Education, Luxury, Bodu building, and other quote images.  Provide 199 Images in just 15$ and just send his client’s pre-created files of images.


3. I will play a video game with you:

If your gamer and waste your whole day in playing games. Here is good news for you that now you can earn money by playing video games. What you need is a Fiverr gig in which you offer this services. Believe me, you will get tons of orders from this simple game. You can charge your client by an hour or day. Even you can sell games coins and points.

4. Facebook, Google maps reviews and Youtube Comments:

If you can write a killer review about anything then you can sale review writing services. Where you have to write a 5-star review for Different Facebook Page or Google Map business reviews. It may take your 10 – 20 mins for writing a review and you will earn 5 – 15$ in just 10 mins. So, create a gig on related to Business reviews.


5.  I will send you a list of Facebook Groups related to any niche:

You can sell Facebook Groups links on Fiverr. People are hungry to find such gigs. What you need to do is, simply search on facebook with related keywords and you will get a list of groups. Just copy the links in a file and send that file to your buyers. You will earn 15$ to 35$ for just selling these group links. I recently shared a list of groups from almost 50 categories on my website you can download the list by going to this post: How to get 50,000 Facebook video views 

6. Business details of  any city:

This gig is related to data scraping and you can provide data from shops, stores, hotels, and other business. What you have to do is install an automated extension or software which can collect data from google maps. You need to paste the link and it will start scraping data from all the google pages for targeted keywords.

Soon I will  write a  post about how to collect/scrap data from google. Also share some usefull sites and tools which can be use for collecting data automaticlly.

You will get Name,Website, email, ratings, address, and phone number of any business by using google maps.

7. Give you a perfect Relationship Advice

Here comes our last gig idea which is about Relationship Advice. You can create a gig about advising anything. Like Love, Life, Education, and Business. I saw very successful gigs with level two. What they do is only use their daily life experience and give a piece of valuable advice to their clients. If you are not clear about certain things, just search in google and answer your clients.

These are the best working gig ideas for those who are struggling on Fiverr. Hope this post helps you in getting orders on Fiverr. If you’re facing any problem on Fiverr just comment below or contact me through contact us page. I will help you in getting sales.


How to make Money on Fiverr without any skills in 2019

In today’s post, we will talk more about online earnings through Fiverr. And learn how we can earn millions sitting at home. I will share with you some tools that will help you earn money easily.

This is a website where you can sell your digital services or products. The starting price is $5 of any product. It does not mean that you will sell everything in 5 dollars. Here you can sell goods or products worth $5 to $10000.

As it is a good platform for freelancers, in the same way, it is also a good place for buyers. Where they can get a good product or service at a lower price.

This post of mine will be divided into three parts, first of all, we will talk about what  Fiverr is and how its profile is made.

After this, we will talk about the Gig Creation as well as we will talk about the buyer request.

And at the end of the post, we are sharing some kind of ways and tools with the help of which you can make money without doing anything or you can make good income even if you do not have any skills.

Profile Creation on Fiverr:

Just you have to open the Fiverr website and click on the CREATE account. Enter your email and user name and then set up a good and strong type of password. Remember that your username is related to your service and Looks original.

After this you have to edit your profile first, first of all, you have to update the profile picture. Then update the profile’s Description, after that, you have to update your education background.

After that you have to verify your mobile phone number, you will have to go to settings for that. You will have an option to click on the add mobile phone number and add whatever number have to add it. Afterward, you will get a verification code from the Fiverr which you have to enter for verifying the ownership of the phone number.

Now you have to connect the profiles of your social media with Fiverr. After the step, your profile creation is almost complete.

Now we will talk about Gig Creation and learn about how a perfect gig is made.

Fiverr Professional Gig Creation Guide:

The way we give our ads in any newspaper, from where people contact us, in the same way, we make Gigs on fiber. in which we define our product, write the price and write about the service that we are giving. After publishing the gig, It will start showing in different categories of Fiverr. From where people see our gigs and contact for the required services they are looking for.

A Simple gig is a combination of the following elements:

  • Title
  • Category
  • Tags
  • Packages
  • Price
  • Gig Extra
  • Delivery Time
  • Description of the gig
  • FAQs
  • Requirements
  • Gig Media
  • Publish Your Gig

First of all, you have to write the title of your Services, what are you offering the user? The title should be your clear and doubt free. It is very common that when the client orders it, he understood something else, and as you get it from the requirements, it shows that you are not offering that service.

After that, you have to select categories. Selecting the categories, keep in mind that you are selecting the right category for showcasing your gig.

Now you have to add tags for your gig. Tags are basically searched terms being used by the users on Fiverr to find services. So, use the relevant tag for your gig. You can add max 5 tags on a single gig.

Now you have to set the price of your Gig and also set its delivery time. If you are giving anything  extras with your gig, then you can also add it too…

Now you have to write your Gig Description. In which you have to tell what services you are giving and how much money will you charge. And what will be the way to place an order?

With this, there will be another option below where you have to Add the FAQ’s(You can skip this option).

Now we have to add the Requirements Section. Where the user will provide us the requested data. Which we have to use in this project. For better understanding, we have an example:  If we are creating Logo Design for someone, then we have to ask for his brand name. Apart from this, the color scheme and tagline which we use for his Logo.

What is Buyer Request?

Buyer request is posted by the buyers. In which the client provides his requirements and budget for the project. These Requests are displaying on the Buyer Request page. Where Sellers send offers and try to grab the project in a decent deal. Fiverr Allows you only 10 offer in 24 hours. Which mean you can’t send more than 10 offers a day.

How to earn money from Fiverr without having any skills?

Now I am going to share different Tools, Website and Methods to earn money without having any skill.

So think Logo Maker Pro:

You can earn money by creating a gig on Fiverr in Logo Designing category without having any pro level skills of Logo design. What you need to do is simply download this software and you will get an unlimited logo design for free. Which you can customize according to clients requirements.

You can get this software from me in just 20$ as it’s the acutal price is about 59$/Yr. But I am providing you the same pro version for a lifetime and it will help you in creating logos for your clients by just drag and drop of elements.

Outsourcing Projects:

Outsourcing of projects is another way to make money for doing nothing. What you need to do is just simply get a client for any service. And give that project to someone else at a low cost. Keep your commission on each project and deliver it to your client.

Motivational Quotes Images:

Just download the motivational images from any social media source or google and sell them on Fiverr. You can easily sell those images on Fiverr and make 1000$ every month for selling only these image

Top 5 Factors To Improve SEO Ranking In 2019

Google made some dramatic changes to its search logarithm in 2018 and the year was most complicated years in Google search history. In 2019 if you want to improve the ranking of a website then you have to invest extra efforts and make the use of the latest strategies.

More than 30% of people in the world are making the use of Google AI for search-related queries.

Following is the list of the five most important factors that matter in 2019

  1. Create a top-notch quality structure data
  2. Avoid complicated mistakes in the Structure data
  3. Improve the quality of content and always share something interesting and relevant
  4. Pay close attention to the Algorithm
  5. Pay close attention to podcasts for the Digital marketing

So above are the most important factors of SEO and all you need to make the use of right strategies otherwise it can be difficult to improve the visibility of a website in search results.

Most important SEO related Factors that would be beneficial in 2019.

Pay close attention to the Structure Data

Nothing is better than structured data on the official website. According to professionals, one has to use the important codes in the structure data.

In order to avoid problems then one must copy the schema templates from the official website and paste it on your website. The individual will able to find lots of examples of structured data on Google.

Make sure that you are using Top-level schema markup only. Google is analyzing the structure data of the website properly. Thus, one has to create perfect structure data on the website.

Make sure that you are choosing a perfect example that matches the business website. One always has to choose relevant structured data only.

All these things will automatically improve the rank of the website within a fraction of days. In order to increase the rating of the website then one has to use well-structured data only.

Create a High-end structure data

If you are creating the wrong structure data, then Google will penalize you for it. Make sure that you are implementing the data properly.

If you don’t want to face any complicated problem, then one always makes an honest mistake related to the structure data.

In order to create a top-notch quality structure data then the individual has to avoid the following mistakes

  • One should always make the use of appropriate structure data only
  • Always make the use of relevant structure data to the page
  • Before creating a specific page, one has to read to the Guideline of Google carefully.
  • If you are violating the guidelines of structured data, then one will face a lot of complicated problems.
  • Don’t create any shortcut because Google will penalize you for it

In order to create the visibility of the business then one has to use things mentioned above properly in the structure data.

Consider a high-end Marketing Strategy

Nothing is better than a podcast that will automatically consume the content.  One has to check the potential customers in listing related to the business or niche.

One has to create a perfect strategy that can easily improve the visibility of the business with ease.  Most of the time strategy is totally depends on the sponsorship and podcast.

In order to promote the particular content on the official website then one has to create an interesting page related to the marketing strategy.

According to professionals, a podcast is considered as a particular extension of content marketing.

In order to use high-end quality content then one has to make the use of digital marketing format only. As per professionals, podcasts are far popular than Blogs.

Millions of content consumers are making the use of podcasts over other things. Google’s keyword tool is showing a podcast in a particular upward trend.

Most of the people are searching podcasts over the blog and website. It means a podcast is getting popularity on the internet.

Pay Attention to the Content

If you are looking for the best marketing strategy in 2019, then one has to pay close attention to the quality of the content. Most of the people are posting irrelevant content on the official website which isn’t beneficial enough.

If possible, the one should create the relevant and top-notch quality content only that can improve the rank of the website within a few days. Along with the content, one has to choose something great image of SEO.

With the help of high-end quality images, one will easily improve the quality of pages with ease.  Along with the images, one has to create perfect heading elements that will improve the rank of the website within a few days.

Moreover, it will enhance the listings of the website within a fraction of days.

Follow the step by step Instructions

In order to create the visibility of the official website then one should always create the step by step instructions of the content.  A single image will able to improve the rank and traffic on the official website with ease.

If you are using a particular image that can measure in the megabytes that will automatically reduce the sale and rank of the website. It is highly recommended that you always make the use of high-end quality images with a perfect bandwidth on the services.

One has to pay a little bit extra charges for the bandwidth, but it will improve the reach and engagement on the official website with ease.

If possible, then one should make contact a UX design company and grab suggestions related to the SEO.

Use up-to-date Resources

If you don’t want to face any complicated problems, then one should make the use of up-to-date applications that will give you suggestions related to the SEO and other ranking signals.  Make sure that you are updating a well-written content on the website only.

Moving further, one should audit the website on a regular basis. In case you come across any error, fix it immediately without delay. You can subscribe to our channel for more information on web design UX and UI.

What Are The Ways To Improve SEO Rankings

What Are The Ways To Improve SEO Rankings

There are a lot of things which may come to your mind when you think of SEO. The business
owners are always trying to improve their website rankings. There are many people who are
only focusing on using the right keywords and not much else for SEO. You may need to
consider other factors as well if you are unable to improve your site ranking buy only working on
keyword optimization.

The search engine is going to rate the relevant f on every page as well as the metadata. The
search engine is also going to evaluate the information regarding the duration of the visitors,
who stays on the page. Broken links, bounce rate, outbound, and inbound links and much more.
What you can do is to get your users to stay on the website with your content and this can boost
the website’s ranking. Or you can also do that by improving the experience of the customers
visiting your website.

Using the keyword to attract the customers is half the story. The other half of the story is to
optimize the site for the customers who visit your site regularly. You have to make a website in
short which is user-friendly as it is one of the important factors.

Here are ways to improve the SEO rankings:

High-quality and relevant content:

The time the user is spending on your website can have an effect on the SEO ranking.
When you are providing the content which is useful as well as relevant, the visitors are going to
stay longer on the website. This is called the dwell time and it can increase the dwell time.
According to the research, the content which is between 2000-2500, it is going to rank the
highest in the search engine results.

Also, keep in mind that nobody is going to read the content if it is not at all relevant to them.
Another reason to create high-quality content is when the visitors will bookmark your website, it
will also improve the SEO ranking of the website.

Page Loading Speed:

When ranking the website, google and bing both are taking the page speed in their account.
Users are going to leave the website if they have to wait for extra time to load the page. This is
going to increase our dwell time as well as increase the bounce rate and the number of pages
viewed will be reduced. It can really hurt your SEO ranking.

But, there are many ways that can increase the page load speed, some of which include using
the caching plug-ins. You also need to make sure that the code is streamlined and clean,
optimizing the image sizes and minimizing redirects.

If you are using the properly optimized images, then it helps in increasing the speed of the
loading page. Good quality images can help in increasing the conversion rates. It can increase
the trust of the customer viewing them and also improves the customer’s experience without
any hamper.

Image Optimization:

There are other ways to make sure that the images are working great for your SEO, besides the
image quality, size, and formatting. What you can do is signal the relevancy of your content to
the search engines by the use of keywords for the name of the image file, title, description, alt
tag, and caption.

Various multimedia:

The videos, images, and slideshows can help in enriching the user experience which allows you
to deliver the information in the most presentable way. This is going to be most suited for your
website visitors. After you post your content, you need to make sure that your content looks
great and interactive.

Video marketing has become very successful in making user engagement more regular and
increasing conversion rates. According to the studies it has been found out that the websites
can achieve higher conversion rates compared to the websites which are not using the videos.


Even the audience that visits your website is well-educated, they won’t be able to decipher the
Ph.D. level content every time they are visiting your website. Make your content interesting and
how can you do that? Make sure that you are writing the content that if they start reading it, they
spend a considerable amount of time reading it. Don't write the content that it becomes difficult
for the user to digest.

You need to write content which is very easy to read and understand. This type of content is
useful for your readers. Google is going to take the readability into the account when ranking the


In the long run, SEO is going to help the website rank better among all the other competitors.
Websites like Seo Site Checkup and Ahrefs can help you audit your website and will tell you
whether you need to improve your SEO or not.

5 Best Free Tools To Chcek SEO Stats In 2019

5 free tools to check your website SEO stats in 2019

SEO is an essential part of the web and if you want to grow your business online you should have better SEO strategies. I’m trying my best to cover the best of SEO and sharing my experience with my friends like you. For understanding the BASIC SEO, you need to check my following posts:

  • SEO for beginners 
  • Blog Commenting
  • 20 tips to grow your blog traffic
  • 150 dofollow blog commenting sites list

5 Free SEO Stats Checker & Keyword Research Tools

Now come to the point today I’m going to share a list of free SEO stats check and Keyword research tools. If you want more traffic comes to your blog/web you should have analysis your website/blog which will point out SEO errors you need to fix in order to get more traffic from search engines.

1. Neil Patel SEO Checker is the number 1 free SEO analysis and keyword research tools you can get a detailed analysis report of SEO of your website/blog and can also get results about keywords. The platform also helps you how difficult the keyword to rank on Google.

2. Woorank SEO Checker is the 2nd best SEO stats checker tool, in my opinion, you can Instantly review your website for free with the WooRank SEO Checker! Find issues, track keywords, identify opportunities & create reports. However, like Neilpatel the woorank is not totally free.

3. Small SEO Tools is the 3rd best tool for free SEO analysis and it will show you a complete and detailed report of your website SEO this tools also have many other features and even article rewriter tools. So this is the best tool for beginners in my opinion.

4. Site Checker Pro is also the best tool for checking SEO stats you just need to submit URL to check SEO parameters. Launch SEO audit for the whole website.

5. Similar Web is also one of the best tools for checking SEO stats and keyword research. Similarweb also gives the rank to your website same like Alexa rank.
So above are the best 5 tools to check free detailed SEO stats of your website/blog. Please let me know in comments about your experience after reading this so it can help me to do some best.