Most of us certainly already know what SEO is (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is a series of business that is done by a webmaster on a site that has the benefit of increasing the visibility of one page of a site so that it becomes better in search engines, especially Google. Web pages that rank well on the Google search page will certainly have the chance to get more and more visitors as possible on a free basis.

In this article I will give a few points Benefits of SEO, of the many SEO benefits that have not been mentioned in it, especially if you want to do business online then you must be able to maximize your site with SEO.

If we type one keyword on the Google search page, we will see a list of sites related to that keyword. Site pages / web (blog) that are well optimized and at the top (positions 1 – 4) generally will get more visitors than the website in the bottom of the search results. We need to look at, what I mean by a site / web (blog) that is well optimized in terms of SEO, namely websites that are in the order based on organic search results (Organic Search), is not a website that places ads on Google (Google Ads). Watch the picture.

What are the benefits and advantages of SEO for online businesses
Everything Business certainly must have profits, right? Various steps are done by entrepreneurs to increase their business profits, either by doing offline marketing or through internet marketing. Below are some of the benefits of SEO in marketing on-line one Business:

1. SEO Provides Possible Traffic to Business Sites

As explained first, if a site page that is well optimized in terms of SEO will get a good ranking also in search engines, for example Google. The better the position of your website page on Google so the opportunity to get visitors (traffic) may be even greater. Visitors may be the prospective customers of your business.
Why do I say traffic from Google is very potential traffic? Not all sources of traffic provide benefits for your business, especially if the traffic comes from several auto surf sites that give visitors bots to your site. This kind of traffic even though there is no function to change your business, trust me!

Some Google users generally type unique keywords when they search for the product they need, or find useful information to give a solution to their problems. Now when they find your Business site through Google which incidentally always presents search results based on keywords, so it’s likely they will become customers because they use keywords that are relevant to your Business. This traffic may arrive continuously to your site in a free way and will help increase the number of customers and sales of your business.

2. SEO Increase Your Business Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness is the strength of prospective customers or customers to know or remember a brand. The more popular one brand in a specific niche, the greater the opportunity for sales intensity. Actually there are several steps to increase Brand Awareness one Business. It is wrong with site optimization in search engines (SEO).

When internet users search for information related to your niche through Google and find useful info on your website, it is very likely that they will remember web pages that provide valuable information, namely your site. More and more people are opening your site from search engines to become your Business brand as well as by automatically getting more popular, at least among some internet users.

3. With SEO you get customer data for free

Many on-line entrepreneurs are willing to spend a lot of money to place ads on several advertising media with the intention of obtaining contact data (e-mail, cellphone number, address, and others) of prospective customers and loyal customers of their business. What is the benefit of this contact data? By knowing prospective customer data, it is increasingly easier to contact them when we issue new products or want to give special promotional offers to sell old products. Basically, we can still connect with the customer every time.

If your site is in the top position in the search engine, it becomes easier to obtain customer data, and it is definitely free. Surely we need another service to put the customer data base, for example service autoresponders to build our customer e-mail list.

Indeed there are still a few more benefits of SEO for your Business, and in my opinion the 3 points above are the most important ones. All people will feel the benefits of SEO for their Business when they have felt it themselves, which of course your Business is more stable if your site is well optimized in search engines.

Those are some of the benefits of SEO as supporting an online business, and of course the benefits of SEO for our online business will be even more if we look deeper, because of that let us compete to start the SEO way in our online business, because SEO is the starting gate we compete on google.