When you are on a verge of starting with your business digitally, you consider all the available options for it. Be it an agency, a freelancer or your employees. There are endless tasks such as marketing, content writing, web development, SEO, link building, and maintenance work which people outsource for their business. You think about a lot of aspects. Like you think about the level of commitment, skills, and motivation a person has in order to fulfill the given tasks. And it’s a really tough choice to make. In this regard, I’d say that hiring a freelancer is always a better option than hiring an agency for your company.

Looks like the rapid growth of the freelancers is the beginning of a new era where people want to maintain their comfort zone and work with people who are flexible with their timings and timelines. Once you are satisfied with a freelancer, you might recommend it to the people in your circle and the chain goes on and on.
Pros of hiring a freelancer:

A freelancer is always available and he/she knows how to manage tasks accordingly. Now when I am talking about a freelancer being available, it means the freelancer only takes the tasks which he/she can perform single-handedly and on time. So, if your task has been taken on board, it means that it will be delivered on time.

It is quite easier to engage in communication with a freelancer than the company which might make you wait for hours before giving you the timely updates. Freelancer does not have an option of playing the blame games. It’s direct communication between the developer and the client.

In working hours: Freelancers are extremely flexible when it comes to meeting deadlines or working in odd hours. They always figure out a way and deliver work on time. You just have to be clear about your business idea / the type of work you want to be delivered.

Freelancers are more affordable than big companies. They will charge you for their work only. They are more affordable than the companies.

Freelancers are always on their top and they want to give the best in every work because they want to maintain their personal profile and develop PR-ship. They will customize the work according to your needs and will always give more attention to their clients instead of giving unnecessary suggestions. The mind of a freelancer never stops working. At least not until the task is delivered.
Cons of hiring an agency:

Great expenses:
Companies are always costlier. Why? Because they not only charge you for your work but they charge you more because they want to cover other expenses (like billing, the salary of the employees, and etc.) as well. Companies keep an extra profit margin which will drain all the amount out of your pockets in no time.

Communication barriers:
When you hire an agency for your business, there occurs a communication gap because the company is busy fulfilling one hundred tasks at a time that they barely respond to all the clients timely. So, you might not hear about the work progress for days from a company which is a disadvantage.

Big companies often fail to meet deadlines due to extreme workload and over commitments that they end up delaying your product delivery. Even if the end product is up to the mark, what’s the point of delivering it late?

Hiring a Freelance SEO is a better option than opting for an agency which is overloaded with endless projects. If you want to control and run your product according to your personal ideas and strategy than I’d suggest you should take a freelancer on board, discuss your concerns, have a proper quality assessment and take timely updates. You will receive a furnished and complete end-product. The marketing world is progressing and everyone wants to save costs and keep things under his or her name rather than outsourcing the work to huge agencies. Make sure the person you are hiring for your business goals has proper knowledge of the usage of required tools and has the ability to deliver on time.