Live chat is often used by businesses to lock into the untapped potential that is often missed by other forms of communication. When customers are online and trying to purchase a product, live chat can address any problems that may exist before the customer navigates away from the sale. This form of communication is convenient and easy to use and thus, is a good investment for businesses. Here are some ways that live chat can help to improve your rankings. Before we explain the ways, let’s explore what components influence Google’s algorithm and influence a website’s ranking.

What Influences a Website’s Ranking

A website’s web ranking is affected by numerous factors including backlinks and keywords. Appearance, picture upload times, and natural content also affect a website’s ranking, but the two single most important elements to increase rankings include backlinks and keywords.

A significant number of high authority backlinks in a website will increase the ranking significantly. Companies are available that can generate backlinks and increase website ranking. Incorporate as many relevant and authoritative links to help increase the website’s ranking.

In addition, keyword selection is highly important. When the most relevant keywords are selected, the website ranking will increase. Many people are not aware of how difficult it is to select keywords that won’t attract the wrong type of traffic, but it can be difficult. That’s why it’s important to be cognizant of keyword selection and get some expert help to increase the website ranking.

The location of the buttons and live chat features will also play a role in the appearance and ease of use of the website. This will increase the website and raise the website’s rankings. If you want Google’s algorithm to recognize your website, you should put the website’s live chat feature in a location that will be easy to reach.

A good website design will improve the website ranking. Any images associated with the website or the live chat box should load instantly to increase website ranking. Hiring an expert is recommended to ensure that the website will appeal to visitors and the algorithm.

If you want to learn more about the ways live chat can improve your website ranking, continue reading to learn more. Most people do not associate live chat with increasing website ranking, but it can play a role. Here are some ways that live chat can improve website ranking.

1. Live Chat Could Increase Traffic

While adding live chat to your website will not increase your traffic, it can help people revisit your website if they know that they’ll get good customer service. For instance, many people go online before making a purchase to read reviews or blogs. If they have questions, they will navigate to the manufacturer’s website to learn more about the products or services through live chat.

As long as the service is prompt, and the information is useful and accurate, customers will be pleased with the experience, and they’ll be more likely to buy from you. This is an added benefit. Good service will generate repeat traffic and more sales. Live chat combined with retargeting can help with traffic generation significantly. More traffic will drive traffic up.

2. Live Chat Can Increase Convenience

Many people who are not in a location where they can talk on the phone will engage in live chat. Some people simply prefer live chat because they are already online, and it’s simply easier to engage in live chat than to dial a number. Many companies have a live chat window open as soon as the person logs into the website or begins to peruse the product or service offering. They want to make the process as easy as possible.

If the process is easy, more people will navigate to the web page and engage in chat. The button for chat should always be accessible, and this will make it easier to respond. Convenience will reduce the impediment that often occurs with online transaction. This can also increase website ranking.

3. Saved Live Chat Can Increase Traffic Through Keywords

If the live chats are saved for future use, the keywords, if relevant, can play a role in driving up the traffic. Keywords are just one component of website ranking. Keywords must be carefully selected in order to capture the attention of Google’s algorithm. When this happens, the website’s ranking is likely to go up instead of down.

Most companies do not save live chats, but some will save the questions and answers and post them on a frequently asked questions page. This type of knowledge-base can help people save time. If no personal information was exchanged during the chat aside from a name, then, it’s safe to use to help others answer similar questions that they may have. It improves the efficiency of the company and also improves the website ranking.

4. Ranking Increases When More People Shop Online

Studies have shown that nearly two out of 10 chatters will complete more than 75 percent of their holiday shopping online. Twenty-five more percent of chatters will make between 51 percent to 75 percent of their purchases on the web. This means that the traffic is likely to increase for companies with chat features than companies without the features.

Most businesses are not aware of the ability of the live chat functionality to generate more online interest. More interest means more traffic and a higher website ranking. Live chat is becoming instrumental to many companies who want to increase website ranking and have good customer service.

5. Live Chat Inspires Blogs to Increase Traffic

When companies read live chat, they are inspired to write blogs that address the issues that they are experiencing. Companies that address the issues will earn more traffic from visitors looking for information on the topic. Backlinks to articles with authority will increase the website ranking.

Backlinks play a huge role in increasing website rankings. The algorithm is placing a higher level of importance of backlinks. The more backlinks a company has with authority, the more likely they will be to have a higher ranking. This is why companies create blogs from live chats with the hopes of increasing website ranking.

The blogs will create opportunities to convert sales. People feel comforted when they think that companies are proactively addressing problems. They are more likely to navigate to the website over and over to read the blogs and also to purchase products or services. This will increase website ranking when people are repeat customers and value the information on the website.

Trust is an important part of making a sale, and blogs can help to establish trust. Most companies neglect to include blogs to increase traffic, but the blogs are highly effective and should be used often.

Can Having a Live Chat Increase Your Website Ranking?

Yes, live chat can increase your website ranking, but it’s not a stand alone solution. You must work and use live chat in such away that it will increase traffic to your website and also increase your website ranking. If you want to increase your website ranking, consider adding live chat. It’s worth the effort and the investment.