If you weren’t already aware, The United States and China are racing to be the first country to acquire 5G technology. But why?

In the past month, China and the United States have been in the middle of a trade war that has escalated into the outright ban of Huawei phones within the United States. This has led to American Companies like Google and Intel to stop providing Huawei, and effectively China, with their technology. You see, this trade war isn’t actually about trading rights per say. It’s actually about being the first country to have 5G technology. But what’s all the fuss about?

What is 5G anyway?

5G is generally seen as the fifth generation cellular network technology that provides broadband access. If you look to your phones right now, you know that most of you either have 3G or LTE(4G). With each generations, the cellular network gets faster, much faster. It is reported that 5G is more than 20X faster than LTE services. To compare, with LTE it would take around 6 minutes to download a movie online. With 5G, it would take 3 second. That’s the difference.