Google AdSense is becoming the most attractive online earning source nowadays. Because they have an amazing advertising system. And No other advertising platform can compete with Google AdSense.

Yes, there is multiple Google AdSense alternative around the globe. But I suggest you to first apply for Google Adsense. And If Un-fortunately you got rejected, then go for the AdSense alternative.

Google AdSense approval in Pakistan can be a challenging task, as you the south Asian countries are famous popular for spamming instead of working sincerely. And at the end of the day spammers only regret!

People in South-Asia make a third party website and apply for Google AdSense, they pick the content from a royalty-free website and request AdSense. After AdSense review phase, sometimes they get selected.

Once they get approved from Google AdSense, then selected ones start marketing of their approved AdSense account. And after that innocent people purchase those accounts and put the ads on our website and blogs.

Next what happened is that Google points out the spam of buying and selling of AdSense accounts by the help of their smart algorithms called “Panda Algorithm and “Penguin Algorithm” after that the purchased AdSense account is terminated by Google AdSense team.

Pro Tip: Don’t buy AdSense account from anyone, not even for free!

All the blogs and websites owners wish to get approved Google AdSense account. But unfortunately, only a few of the owners qualify others are rejected. The reason for the rejection of a few people is that they don’t follow guidelines properly.

Yes, there are numerous cases in which the owner follows all the instructions. But still faces rejection in his or her blog “Monetization“. So, why does that happens? The answer is that sometimes it can be a judgemental error of the review team.

Or sometimes the owners miss the important guideline which matters a lot in approval.

For ExampleIf you have an amazing blog with an awesome content but you missed a guideline by Google to show a “Sitemap” in the footer of your blog or website, then definitely you will face rejection in Monetization of the blog.

So that is why I have made a list of some important steps, which will definitely help you get approved in Pakistan.

How To Get Approved Google AdSense Account In Pakistan

So, let get started without wasting any time.

1. High-Level Domain

Before applying for AdSense review, make sure your domain is a high-level domain. For example .com .org .co and etc.

2. New Domain

Make sure your domain name is new, because sometimes what happens is people got rejected they sell their website forward.

So make sure to apply with a high-level domain name.

3. Domain Owner

If you are not the domain owner, then you cannot apply for AdSense account. Because there is a complete procedure in which google verifies that either you are the owner or not.

4. Good Content Quality

Google loves unique and spams free content, so before applying make sure write least 30 amazing articles that really add value in reader experience.

In this way, your chances of getting approved will increase.

5. First 6 months Hard-Work

If your blog is new, then first 5 to 6 months you have to write quality content for your targeted audience.

Write as much quality and unique content as you can. This will surely leave a good impression on the Adsense team and no doubt they want to partnership with you.

6. Neat And Clean Design

Make sure your site has an awesome mature look. Google has recently banned many Pakistani bloggers account saying that your blog is not providing user experience.

7. Less Content (Not Accepted)

Never apply for Google Adsense account if your blog has less content. According to Google terms and Conditions.

Make sure your blog has a Privacy policy, Copyright Policy, Disclaimer, About Us and Contact Us pages before applying for Adsense.

Pro Tip: Try to write Google AdSense highest paying keywords in Pakistan.

8. 500 Unique Visitors Per Day

Make sure that your blog has at-least 500 unique visitors per day.

If your blog’s traffic’s main source is Facebook than there are little chances that Google will accept your application.

Try to optimize your blog so that it gets natural traffic from search engines rather than social networking websites.

9. Sitemap (Mandatory)

Before applying for AdSense make sure to display your website sitemap in the footer of your site clearly.

If the reviewer couldn’t see the sitemap clearly in the footer of your site or blog then there is also the chance of rejection.

How Much Time Google AdSense Takes For Approval of Account

Note: It maximum takes 15 days to review your blog or website for Google AdSense.

If you have followed all the guideline perfectly, then there is a chance of approval by AdSense reviewer.

Once the account is being approved the reviewer then it takes maximum 24 to 48 Hours by the reviewer team to inform you.

It totally depends upon your content and design of your website. If the reviewer can easily figure out all the policies and requirements that he is looking for in your site.

Then for sure, it will take the least minimum time to inform you after the approval of the account.

You to keep some patience during the review period because sometimes the innocent people got disappointed.

What if you got rejected!

You can make improvements in your blog or website and try try again.

Google AdSense Content Policies

Once your account gets successfully approved by Google AdSense. Then make sure to follow all the content policies guideline-directed to you by Google AdSense.

For example, there are a couple of content types at which you cannot run Google AdSense ads.

So, make sure you do not violate these guidelines if you do then your account will be terminated by Google AdSense team. And you will not be able to get back AdSense account in the future anymore.

List of Restricted Content Types:

  1. Adult themes
  2. Pornography,
  3. Adult or mature content
  4. Shocking content
  5. Content that threatens
  6. Harassment Content
  7. Intimidates Content
  8. Bullies Content
  9. Discrimination Content
  10. Sexual orientation Content
  11. Excessive profanity
  12. Hacking/cracking content
  13. Abusive Content
  14. Malware or adware
  15. Illicit drugs and drug paraphernalia content
  16. Online sale of alcoholic beverages
  17. Sales of tobacco or tobacco-related products
  18. Sales of prescription drugs
  19. And etc.

These all above are the content types that restricted by the Google AdSense. You cannot run AdSense ads at these types of contents.

Otherwise, Google will penalize you by terminating your AdSense account. So, better stay safe from the very first day and follow the guideline thoroughly.

Never Purchase Google AdSense Account In Pakistan

As I discussed earlier with you.

Nowadays in Pakistan, there is a big scam of selling Google AdSense account. Note Google AdSense can be easily approved at any website or blog.

If you follow all the instruction carefully. Once you full fill all the requirement, then no chance of rejection from Google AdSense reviewer.

Pro Tip: But Never purchase a Google AdSense account from anyone.

Because Google is very smart they can easily figure it out that it approved by a fraud. So, please stay away from purchasing. Even if they offer you for free.

Try your own luck. And again and again.

After following all these guidelines, make sure to go through Eligibility requirements for AdSense and AdSense Program policies.