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If you run an SEO company and want to keep your customers satisfied, you will need to give them a quality product and excellent customer service. It is difficult to do so in the long run as clients are often finicky and difficult to please. Luckily, if you keep them excited, you will enjoy higher profits and your clients will return over and over. At the same time, they will recommend your services to other potential customers. With this in mind, here are six ways to keep your SEO clients happy and thriving.

Describe the process

Above all else, when you work with website owners, explain the entire process to them, in detail. Pretend your clients don’t know anything about SEO and you will not struggle to explain simple concepts to them. When you explain the process and educate them about SEO, they will know why you continue the way you do. While not easy at first, when you talk to your current and potential SEO clients and explain the process, you will give them a reason to stick around and use your services in the future.

Otherwise, if your clients are lost or confused, they are likely to head to your competition or look for another approach. Remember, if your clients are spending plenty of money to build their SEO strategy, they expect you to explain the process and help them along the way. Treat your customers well and try not to grow frustrated as they will not always understand SEO. In fact, if you explain the process to them and curb their expectations slightly, you will help your cause and keep your clients interested in the long run.

Constant updates

It takes a leap of faith to sign up for SEO services. If a client writes a massive check, he or she will expect results quickly. While not plausible, you can quell their fears by providing minor updates every week or two. To start, when your customer signs up for services, work with him or her and ask them what keywords they want to rank highly for.

Offer a few suggestions as they will want to hear your opinions. Then, before doing any work for your client, check the website’s initial keyword rankings. Once you know where the customer stands, you will know how to proceed and where to turn. Ideally, when you offer this information, you would call your customer and send them an Excel file with the updated rankings.

Provided they move in the right direction, your client will express happiness and not worry about wasting money on your services. While providing the updated results, tell your client you plan to improve their situation and work harder to bring the site to the top.

Don’t use black hat techniques

With SEO, you can break the rules and land on the front pages of Google. By buying links, spamming the Internet with your articles, and guest post blogging all over the place, you can watch as a site rises in the ranks quickly. However, in the long-term, you will damage the reputation of the site, and come to the next algorithm update, you will watch as the rankings plummet.

Once the rankings of a site drop, you and the site owner will face an uphill battle as it’s difficult to fix the situation once Google doles out punishment. If your potential clients want to try black hat methods, tell them why it is an unwise idea. While you may lose a customer or two to a competitor who breaks rules, you will enjoy better relationships in the future with your clients. If your clients understand why you take a slower approach, you will not need to explain the situation or worry about angry site owners calling you and asking why the results take too long.

Tweak your campaigns

With SEO, it is important to change as you needed. At no point should a site owner stop trying and sit back and enjoy their results. While tempting, understand that your competition will try harder and work on their strategies. Over time, if you sit back and relax, you will watch as other websites with hardworking owners pass your site. While true, once you land on page one, tone it down slightly as you can follow a slow-and-steady approach to ensure your customers retain their rankings.

Luckily, if you run a viable campaign with multiple methods such as press releases, social media, and guest post blogging, you will not need to worry as the client’s site will maintain stable rankings when you employ a multifaceted approach. While you need to change it up occasionally, don’t take it overboard; give new campaigns a time to thrive. Remember, don’t commit drastic changes all the time as you will struggle to understand what works and what fails to boost the site.

Look at their competitors

If you want to find out how to rise in the ranks, look at the competition. Do a Google search and click the top four or five links. Inspect the sites, look at their keyword usage, and website structure. Then, try to find their links via a Google search. When you learn about the competition, you can discover new ways to help your site owner rise to the first page and even surpass the top sites.

While it is a time-consuming task and will involve plenty of legwork, you can find new methods that will enable you to beat the competition easily. Exercise extreme caution here as you don’t want to steal ideas or lift content. Instead, take the good and the bad from the top five sites and you can formulate a plan to build your client’s online presence.

Always encourage them

Finally, you need to encourage your customers all the time. To start, from day one, run the numbers and show them the benefits of using SEO services. Tell them how expensive it is to run a Google AdWords or other advertising campaigns. When you compare advertising costs to the costs of an SEO firm, you can convince the site owner to proceed without trepidation. At the same time, encourage your clients to take a peek at their analytics and current results.

When a website owner checks this often, he or she will express fewer concerns or remorse as they can watch as their site thrives. Over the long haul, when your customers watch their site fly and their conversions skyrocket, you will not need to worry about panicked calls from website owners worrying about their rankings.

When you provide SEO services to your clients, you need to understand the process and inform them how the process works and what they need to do to succeed. Then, start working and do everything in your power to help your site owner find success in the SEO world. While difficult in the beginning, with a long-term outlook and slow-and steady-approach, your clients will love you as their site hits the first few pages of Google. Finally, show your clients how to check their results. When doing this and providing excellent results to your customers, your business will thrive and you will attract new clients without a massive effort.