In today’s post, we will talk more about online earnings through Fiverr. And learn how we can earn millions sitting at home. I will share with you some tools that will help you earn money easily.

This is a website where you can sell your digital services or products. The starting price is $5 of any product. It does not mean that you will sell everything in 5 dollars. Here you can sell goods or products worth $5 to $10000.

As it is a good platform for freelancers, in the same way, it is also a good place for buyers. Where they can get a good product or service at a lower price.

This post of mine will be divided into three parts, first of all, we will talk about what  Fiverr is and how its profile is made.

After this, we will talk about the Gig Creation as well as we will talk about the buyer request.

And at the end of the post, we are sharing some kind of ways and tools with the help of which you can make money without doing anything or you can make good income even if you do not have any skills.

Profile Creation on Fiverr:

Just you have to open the Fiverr website and click on the CREATE account. Enter your email and user name and then set up a good and strong type of password. Remember that your username is related to your service and Looks original.

After this you have to edit your profile first, first of all, you have to update the profile picture. Then update the profile’s Description, after that, you have to update your education background.

After that you have to verify your mobile phone number, you will have to go to settings for that. You will have an option to click on the add mobile phone number and add whatever number have to add it. Afterward, you will get a verification code from the Fiverr which you have to enter for verifying the ownership of the phone number.

Now you have to connect the profiles of your social media with Fiverr. After the step, your profile creation is almost complete.

Now we will talk about Gig Creation and learn about how a perfect gig is made.

Fiverr Professional Gig Creation Guide:

The way we give our ads in any newspaper, from where people contact us, in the same way, we make Gigs on fiber. in which we define our product, write the price and write about the service that we are giving. After publishing the gig, It will start showing in different categories of Fiverr. From where people see our gigs and contact for the required services they are looking for.

A Simple gig is a combination of the following elements:

  • Title
  • Category
  • Tags
  • Packages
  • Price
  • Gig Extra
  • Delivery Time
  • Description of the gig
  • FAQs
  • Requirements
  • Gig Media
  • Publish Your Gig

First of all, you have to write the title of your Services, what are you offering the user? The title should be your clear and doubt free. It is very common that when the client orders it, he understood something else, and as you get it from the requirements, it shows that you are not offering that service.

After that, you have to select categories. Selecting the categories, keep in mind that you are selecting the right category for showcasing your gig.

Now you have to add tags for your gig. Tags are basically searched terms being used by the users on Fiverr to find services. So, use the relevant tag for your gig. You can add max 5 tags on a single gig.

Now you have to set the price of your Gig and also set its delivery time. If you are giving anything  extras with your gig, then you can also add it too…

Now you have to write your Gig Description. In which you have to tell what services you are giving and how much money will you charge. And what will be the way to place an order?

With this, there will be another option below where you have to Add the FAQ’s(You can skip this option).

Now we have to add the Requirements Section. Where the user will provide us the requested data. Which we have to use in this project. For better understanding, we have an example:  If we are creating Logo Design for someone, then we have to ask for his brand name. Apart from this, the color scheme and tagline which we use for his Logo.

What is Buyer Request?

Buyer request is posted by the buyers. In which the client provides his requirements and budget for the project. These Requests are displaying on the Buyer Request page. Where Sellers send offers and try to grab the project in a decent deal. Fiverr Allows you only 10 offer in 24 hours. Which mean you can’t send more than 10 offers a day.

How to earn money from Fiverr without having any skills?

Now I am going to share different Tools, Website and Methods to earn money without having any skill.

So think Logo Maker Pro:

You can earn money by creating a gig on Fiverr in Logo Designing category without having any pro level skills of Logo design. What you need to do is simply download this software and you will get an unlimited logo design for free. Which you can customize according to clients requirements.

You can get this software from me in just 20$ as it’s the acutal price is about 59$/Yr. But I am providing you the same pro version for a lifetime and it will help you in creating logos for your clients by just drag and drop of elements.

Outsourcing Projects:

Outsourcing of projects is another way to make money for doing nothing. What you need to do is just simply get a client for any service. And give that project to someone else at a low cost. Keep your commission on each project and deliver it to your client.

Motivational Quotes Images:

Just download the motivational images from any social media source or google and sell them on Fiverr. You can easily sell those images on Fiverr and make 1000$ every month for selling only these image