OnPage Blog or Website SEO Optimization Points

To be able to compete in many SEO worlds that we have to prepare, we need to do this because of the search engine Google, the longer the more intelligent and sophisticated from year to year. The main factor of SEO is OnPage, OnPage SEO is the way Google robots provide rules for the website that will be ranked by using some standard rules that we must follow if we want or want to compete in the Google search engine, then what points or points are the benchmark of Google in ranking a website?

Basic Points that must be fulfilled in OnPage are:

1. Page Must Have Article Title

In optimizing a website or blog, the first thing you have to do is create a quality content, and one of the factors so that the content you make can be searched for by readers is to make a title that is really much sought after by readers, or you have to think extra hard in terms of setting the title of the content or article that you are going to make with the theme, by thinking of the keywords that we will use in the title, to be able to assign titles that have many readers you can read my article about “keyword research” first.

2. The website URL must be user friendly SEO

The second thing that you have to make sure the url in the article that you created, is SEO Friendly for those of you who use blogspot like me to build a blog, then the URL by default is SEO Fiendly, the correct example is the Friendly URL as follows:
A. (Correct) http://techsolutionclub.com/p/panduan-belajar-seo-google.html
B. (False) http://techsolutionclub.com/p?1024
Make sure your Blog URL or website can be understood by ordinary people like point A.

3. Articles Must have a meta description

The third factor of SEO OnPage is to put a meta description on the article that we will publish, usually if you don’t want to be complicated by using the meta description, by default google robots will read the first paragraph we wrote as a meta description, the trick is every keyword that you aim at having to repeat the keyword in the first paragraph, which supports the title we will make.

4. In the Article must contain H1, H2, H3, H4 etc.

In each unsolicited article must be fulfilled if the article that you will make becomes SEO Friendly is to use the components H1, H2, H3, etc., but usually the use of Heading Components is enough until Heading H2 or H3 only. Tips for you to use keywords that you will aim at in the Component Heading, because Google robots are very concerned about the title keywords, meta description and heading components in the article.

5. Optimization of Content in accordance with Google’s recommendations

Optimization of articles in accordance with a reasonable dose, make sure the minimum words in the article that you make consists of 500 syllables, the more syllables you make, the more happy Google will index your site.

6. Articles must have a minimum of at least 1 image

Which is one of the important factors is the component of the image that will strengthen the content of the article that you created, so make sure the article you created has a supporting image of at least one image in one article, even better if you have a video format as a supporting article you make, then it will be a plus in the eyes of Google.

7. Website Internal Link

Also make sure your website is interconnected with each other, more simplified, make sure the website you created is already supporting related articles, because related articles become a separate value in the eyes of Google.

8. Link Autority from well-known portals

Besides the links on the internal website, make sure you also link the external website that has a discussion of one niche in the article you are writing, because external links are also one of the plus points in Google’s eyes, a maximum of 3 urls to large portals, outside of our website.

9. website speed / HTML structure

The speed of the website is also one of the important factors in the role of OnPage SEO, the faster the website is accessed, the faster the robot will visit our website.

10. Response / server speed in response to requests

Server Response is also a Value for Google, the slow time server will affect the Google index.

11. support mobile / minimal responsive themes

In the latest update of the Google Algorithm, a good website in the eyes of Google there are websites that support mobile, one of which is the use of responsive themes.

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Of the 11 points that I have explained briefly, hopefully you can add your insight about the OnPage SEO Optimization Method, and you can directly apply it to your blog or website.