Change Mindset: How to Get Google Adsense

If you are a beginner blogger the first thing you seek and you have to find from Google is google adsense, what is google adsense ?, google adsense is an online advertising service that is underlined or protected by Google. can I briefly explain the function of Google Adsense that Google Adsense is a Google advertising media that brings together publishers and advertisers. if google adsense is a tool used by publishers or website / blog owners that will be fitted with google ads, the tools used by advertisers on google are google adwords.

Remember to keep in yourself that blogging is managing your website and building your own business, remember that you are the owner / owner of the site. being a blogger is something that is very difficult and hard because this will be a lot of time, energy and your mind is used to be able to maximize the website you are studying.

Adsense is the result of training, perseverance, skill and also our level of focus on a blog / web, from now on if you want to reap huge profits on google adsense then you must be able to change your lifestyle to be organized and scheduled, because you will be faced production of article content every day, so your blog / or website is always updated and will be quickly recognized by readers. Google and Alexa really like blogs / web that are regular and consistently updated.

Okay before starting to learn google adsense, I will explain about google adsense itself.

1.) What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is an advertising service by Google, Google Adsense is a way for bloggers and news websites to earn dollars from the internet based on the number of viewers / visitors who enter the website / blog.

2.) How to Register for Google Adsense?

If you already have a Google account such as a Gmail account and you already have a blog that is already active and has quite a lot of visitors then you can immediately register for Google Adsense for free by using the Google gmail account that you have.

Some of the terms of a blog / web accepted by Google Adsense include:

  • The minimum age of Google Adsense Registrants is 18 years
  • The Web / Blog Is Active At Least 6 Months
  • Does not contain Forbidden Content
  • Comply with Google Guidelines
  • Travik Minimum Number of Blog / Web Visitors 250k

Custom Domain / Premium Domain / Paid Domain / Root Domain, Google will really like or really consider the subdomain ( with the root domain (, Google prioritizes the paid domain rather than the free subdomain.

3.) How can I be sure that I can be accepted?

Now signing up for the Google Adsense program is quite difficult to accept especially for beginners. You need special knowledge or specific tricks, if you are confused, I suggest you have to understand the rules of Google Adsense.

4.) Can I make many Adsense accounts with the same name?

No … You can only make one Adsense account using your name. With an Adsense account you can place Adsense ad code on many sites / sites (blogs).

5.) How do you start to earn revenue from Adsense?

After that you are accepted and have one Google Adsense account, so you can start placing ads on the site (blog), if someone else clicks on the Adsense ad so you will get a $$ dollar commission (various commission per click).

This is the easiest step to earn Adsense revenue, which is by logging in using a free service site (blog) from

6.) How much I will get dollar income from Google Adsense?

Google will pay you when a site visitor (blog) clicks on an Adsense ad on your site (blog), the amount of your income will depend on the number of site visitors (blogs), traffic sources, keywords, ad types, and the theme of your site .

7.) Why do I get a commission when other people click on my Adsense ad?

Adsense ads come from companies or from some business people who want to advertise through Google, the advertiser pays Google to present their ads, then because Google ads are installed on your site (blog) so you get commissions from Google. (A revenue sharing system between Google and the owner of the website / blog).

8.) If so, can I click on my own Adsense ad or tell someone else to click on my Adsense ad?

Can not. Because it does not comply with the provisions of the Google Adsense Program, if you do it Google can search for the source of the click and can be labeled as an invalid or invalid click source.

Violation of Google Adsense provisions can result in your Adsense Account being closed (Banned / Disabled) and unable to use it again.

9.) When and how will I get paid?

You can get commission payments from Google Adsense if your income has reached $ 100 or more. The easiest and fastest way to withdraw Adsense dollar commissions in Indonesia is through Western Union.

10.) Is Google Adsense a program that can be proven to pay? How much have you got?

Yes. Google Adsense has paid many webmasters and bloggers around the world for years. In Indonesia alone, there are quite a lot of webmasters and bloggers who have earned several thousand dollars every month.