Number of Minimun Traffic Blog Google Adsense Terms
Common questions often raised by someone who wants to register Google Adsense: Well, the question is, how many visitors (traffic) do you need to receive on Google Adsense?
The answer is a minimum of 250 Unique Visitors per Day! Our minimum site (blog) is visited by 250 unique visitors / day or 7,500 unique visitors per month …
Unique visitors are loyal visitors or readers who repeatedly open our site (blog). A Person who visits a Website is more than once within specified period of time (Webopedia).
Google does not say explicitly how many visitors are needed so that one site (blog) is received on Google Adsense in other words can use Google ads. The 250 figure was obtained by Tekinfom from the John Do. website.
To get a number of visitors, your site (blog) must be filled with writing that is of high quality, needed by the reader, and original (original), not the result of copy-pasting or copying the writing of other bloggers.
To get 250 unique visitors / day, you must diligently update Artel minimum 3 times a week, an average of 250-500 words per article.
Beyond that, after Artkel was published, so you must share the article to Facebook and Twitter or other social media to invite visitors.
You must also respond (reply) or answer the comments that came in.
How long can you get that amount of traffic? Relatively, generally 3 months. even 6 months, it can also be less than one month! Depending on the results of your “promotion”, also your SEO site (blog) tips. SEO is an effort to increase the amount of traffic and the popularity of the site (blog); so that our site (blog) is ranked at the top of the search results page (SERP) and clicked on by the reader.
The number of visitors is only one prerequisite so that our site (blog) is accepted on Google Adsense. There are many other prerequisites, such as Quality Content, blogger age must be at least 18 years, and others.