The South Korean giant, Samsung has announced that it is expecting to launch the delayed Samsung Galaxy Fold in September. The foldable phone which was supposed to be released on April 26th faced a massive delay due to several issues that appeared in the display.

Samsung in an attempt to become the first smartphone company to launch a foldable phone rolled out review units to some of the popular journalists, which faced major problems in their displays. Now as the Royale FlexPai launched its foldable device last year, Samsung may become the second company to launch a device like this, which is also uncertain as the Chinese tech giant Huawei is also launching its foldable Huawei Mate X in September.

The CEO of Samsung Electronics D.J Koh earlier this month admitted that we released the Galaxy Fold too early. The journalists who received review units were removing the top protective layer from the device’s internal 7.3-inch display, thinking it was similar to the plastic that people pull off from the display of a newly purchased smartphone.

However, Samsung has made several changes to the display and have also included a warning on the box (which was previously available as well) to not remove the protective layer from the screen. After taking final tests, the company claims that the issues have been removed and it will launch the Galaxy Fold in select markets starting in September. The company has said that they would share more details about product availability when they will reach closer to release date.