Step How to Make Quality Articles

To be able to make a quality article content there are a number of conditions that you should know and practice, in fact there are still many not-so-complete content that can appear on one google page, just try to search for some of the topics you need and then click on the first google search for sure 1 or 2 webs that you are aiming for have not been able to answer all the questions of what you are looking for and you need, why does that happen ?, this is because the OnPage Technique they use is good and in accordance with what Google recommends.

A good content in the eyes of Google is content that meets the criteria that Google sets, namely OnPage, but the content will not be so long on page 1 of Google, but at least gives an answer that good onpage techniques are very influential with the results of Google ranking.

This time we will try to collaborate on the OnPage Technique that is in accordance with Google Rules and also learn the content that is good in the eyes of the reader, because the purpose of a quality content is to provide the best information to the reader and also be well received by Google, because the content we will of course digoogle will be displayed and our target is indeed our readers and Google.

What good content in the eyes of Google?

1. Choose SEO Friendly Web Themes (Use Premium Themes)

The first thing you have to do before making content makes sure your blog is ready 100% online, because of that, the thing you should do to start your SEO way is to find blog themes that support 100% SEO Friendly THIS IS MANDATORY !, because when Google considers the website that we use is in accordance with their rules in the Google Search Engine Algorithm, Google will gladly accept our website and make it fall in love with our website.

2. Create Contents of quality contents in the eyes of Google and readers.

The next step is to create quality content in the eyes of Google and in the eyes of readers, with the following conditions:

Quality Articles According to Google Search Engines:

Article Not Copy Paste, do not copy paste the article because this will have a bad impact on your blog, the bad impact is that your article will not be indexed by Google and if you want to focus as a blogger, your blog will not be accepted if you register on Google Adsense. what we have to do to get away from this point, the way is you can collect several articles and rewrite them with your keyboard using your words. then make the article as complete as possible from some of the articles that you retype using your language.

The second tip that is rarely shared is the article that you have published. Link the article that you have published, then copy the link of the article that you have published earlier to the portal, the reason is the Google algorithm in determining the article copy or not the same results as copyscape use in determining the articles you make plagiarism or not. hehehehe …., essentially if your article has passed check out, it is certain that your article is free from the word plagiarism, aka clean, and Google likes articles that do not copy paste.
The last thing to use is the OnPage method in writing articles that you have written, editing the required sentences using the “SEO OnPage” rule.

The three 3 points above are mandatory conditions, as the first step you start writing your blog content. Always Use and be vigilant in using the technique.

1.SEO Friendly Themes
2. Article Not Copy Paste
3. Use OnPage Rules.

Quality Articles According to Your Website Readers:
Make sure the content you make is more complete than your competitors
Credible, there is a quote link to reliable data (Link Autority Site)
The presentation is not boring (Use Image, Video and other supporting data)
Make sure the articles you make are of value to the readers

It can be ascertained that making quality articles in the eyes of readers takes a relatively long time compared to writing ordinary articles, if we can complete ordinary articles within an hour or two, then to be able to write quality articles we will need a relatively longer time than write standard articles. This is because quality content requires more in-depth research and is more specific to the discussion of the article we are making.

Contents are assets that are very valuable for your website / blog because cheap content will make your website look cheap, because it puts your mind and energy to the maximum when you make a good content.

Many say that Google will prioritize quality content, the answer is yes, until here, there are still more questions why Google ultimately determines the quality of articles to rank the article, while Google is a search engine, how Google can know that the article is correct really in great demand by readers? The answer is “Google is Judging, But the Readers are Determining”.

Characteristics of Quality Articles are:

1. Multiple Reader Traffic

Good and quality articles are certainly many readers, this is clear because the better and better quality of an article, the more readers will be.

2. Articles Have “Long Reading Period – about 10-30 minutes

The next point is whether or not the reader stops at the article page to be one of Google’s rating factors on the weight of the article itself, the longer the person or reader stops in the article, the better the value of the article .

3. Social Signal in the Article is good

The social signal that is meant here is the number of shares, like enough social media. because good articles will definitely be liked, the votes will be shared by the readers.
Don’t Forget Your Articles on Social Media.

When the article is ready to be notified to the reader, make sure you have targeted the right reader and enthusiastic reader of the article that you created, by targeting the community on the right social media, the positive response and the level of its spread can be faster and effective.

And make sure you understand what I’m saying here, at least to point to Google first. I will continue to update my writing with data that is as good as possible and as beautiful as possible so that you can feel more at home on my blog. because of the way that I use to build articles, articles that I have created and published will continue to edit the contents until I think they are complete. Good luck with pleasure.