Well, we have an interesting topic here today! The future of SEO is exactly what all the web world geeks and experts are concerned about. Because when someone uses Google, Yahoo and Bing he or she are actually seeking the solution to his or her problems. They might be looking for a service, product, discount, image, blog, video or anything. So, when they are entering their queries on the search engine they want the answer (the solution) to appear in the top 5 links they’d want to check and after that, they will probably give up. Not to forget, keywords will always play an integral part in the search process.

It is estimated that the businesses are expected to spend over $70 billion in 2018 on SEO services. It plays a vital part in the digital marketing world. The search engines are repeatedly refining their algorithms, people are certainly becoming more impatient that they want the solution to their queries in seconds and the web world is becoming competitive day by day!
Voice search, the future of SEO:

From letters to phone calls, from emails to text messages, from mobile calls to WhatsApp, from Google text search to voice search! Oh well, this is where the future of SEO lies. People will opt for voice search options than written search queries in the future. These search engines will transform their algorithms and the SEO world will flourish. There is no end to technological advancements as people prefer ease.
Some more predictions about the future of SEO:

– Artificial Intelligence and the search engine:
AI holds our future. It has the following capabilities:

Voice over
Machine learning
Image recognition
Semantic searching

AI is constantly revolving around the links, content, pattern, tactics, and design it must be following. The question remains, is AI the safest method to go with? Many organizations don’t have the knowledge on ethical guidelines and the risk AI often holds within itself. As a matter of fact, one thing is for sure that AI is the most innovative method which is used to make communication easier. AI will eliminate the Black Hat SEO. Well, Black Hat tactics just exploit the weaknesses in the search algorithms in order to gain good ranking on the search engines. AI will eliminate the process of overpopulating the website with keywords. Tons of keywords, I’d say which kills the credibility of the content and the website. AI will focus on bringing the website on top more naturally and it will identify the spammers as well.

In the near future, Artificial intelligence (AI) will take over the search engines. The machine will learn the keyword patterns, content, and will give certainly more accurate results than expected. RankBrain was introduced by Google last year and people literally lost their minds. Many people still have no idea about it, and I assure you this AI technology will prevail in no time. AI will perform the search queries, think on an individual level and make online marketing experience spicier.

Incorporated research methods:
With time, we will see more of integration for research and planning. We will see more of standalone services coming forward and they will guide users according to their desires. We will see built-in tools in the market which will perform semantic analysis and will function according to advanced strategies. We will see more of real-time position reporting of your website based on SEO terms. Once you know your position in the digital world, it is easier to function and make changes.

SEO holds a firm and an extraordinary future. Even the small businesses prefer investing in SEO because they need to keep up with the digital world. SEO will go native and deeper. SEO will merge with PR teams and collaborate for better endorsement and functioning. The output of human beings is required in order to make changes in technology. Real-time data will be of huge value and users will no longer be allowed to stuff Google (to be precise) with an irrelevant link. Let technology be used rightly and efficiently.