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What Are The Ways To Improve SEO Rankings

There are a lot of things which may come to your mind when you think of SEO. The business
owners are always trying to improve their website rankings. There are many people who are
only focusing on using the right keywords and not much else for SEO. You may need to
consider other factors as well if you are unable to improve your site ranking buy only working on
keyword optimization.

The search engine is going to rate the relevant f on every page as well as the metadata. The
search engine is also going to evaluate the information regarding the duration of the visitors,
who stays on the page. Broken links, bounce rate, outbound, and inbound links and much more.
What you can do is to get your users to stay on the website with your content and this can boost
the website’s ranking. Or you can also do that by improving the experience of the customers
visiting your website.

Using the keyword to attract the customers is half the story. The other half of the story is to
optimize the site for the customers who visit your site regularly. You have to make a website in
short which is user-friendly as it is one of the important factors.

Here are ways to improve the SEO rankings:

High-quality and relevant content:

The time the user is spending on your website can have an effect on the SEO ranking.
When you are providing the content which is useful as well as relevant, the visitors are going to
stay longer on the website. This is called the dwell time and it can increase the dwell time.
According to the research, the content which is between 2000-2500, it is going to rank the
highest in the search engine results.

Also, keep in mind that nobody is going to read the content if it is not at all relevant to them.
Another reason to create high-quality content is when the visitors will bookmark your website, it
will also improve the SEO ranking of the website.

Page Loading Speed:

When ranking the website, google and bing both are taking the page speed in their account.
Users are going to leave the website if they have to wait for extra time to load the page. This is
going to increase our dwell time as well as increase the bounce rate and the number of pages
viewed will be reduced. It can really hurt your SEO ranking.

But, there are many ways that can increase the page load speed, some of which include using
the caching plug-ins. You also need to make sure that the code is streamlined and clean,
optimizing the image sizes and minimizing redirects.

If you are using the properly optimized images, then it helps in increasing the speed of the
loading page. Good quality images can help in increasing the conversion rates. It can increase
the trust of the customer viewing them and also improves the customer’s experience without
any hamper.

Image Optimization:

There are other ways to make sure that the images are working great for your SEO, besides the
image quality, size, and formatting. What you can do is signal the relevancy of your content to
the search engines by the use of keywords for the name of the image file, title, description, alt
tag, and caption.

Various multimedia:

The videos, images, and slideshows can help in enriching the user experience which allows you
to deliver the information in the most presentable way. This is going to be most suited for your
website visitors. After you post your content, you need to make sure that your content looks
great and interactive.

Video marketing has become very successful in making user engagement more regular and
increasing conversion rates. According to the studies it has been found out that the websites
can achieve higher conversion rates compared to the websites which are not using the videos.


Even the audience that visits your website is well-educated, they won’t be able to decipher the
Ph.D. level content every time they are visiting your website. Make your content interesting and
how can you do that? Make sure that you are writing the content that if they start reading it, they
spend a considerable amount of time reading it. Don't write the content that it becomes difficult
for the user to digest.

You need to write content which is very easy to read and understand. This type of content is
useful for your readers. Google is going to take the readability into the account when ranking the


In the long run, SEO is going to help the website rank better among all the other competitors.
Websites like Seo Site Checkup and Ahrefs can help you audit your website and will tell you
whether you need to improve your SEO or not.