What Is CloudFlare?

Cloudflare Impact with SEO On Page – On this occasion Tekinfom will try to discuss the CloudFlare Free CDN, Many have said that CloudFlare is a Content Delivery Network or commonly abbreviated as CDN, for those of you who still don’t know what CDN is, Tekinfom will try describe it.

CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a network server distributing content on a website / blog, so that it can be received quickly by users in other parts of the world. (Fact: Website systems that do not use CDN technology, will be very slow to open the web in other parts of the earth / countries that are far apart from the website server), if you use an Indonesian server it will be very slow if accessed through an American country. Your website / blog is in Indonesia which is very far from America.

Such problems can be overcome by CDN (Content Delivery Network) technology, using CDN (Content Delivery Network) technology. So our website data on Indonesian servers will be cached by the CDN (Content Delivery Network) server to various parts of the world, so that it can overcome / cut the access time for requesting data from the original server in Indonesia.

Because the CDN (Content Delivery Network) uses cache, the advantage for us is to save bandwidth access to the main server because the user will access the cache created by the CDN (Content Delivery Network) server, so if our server in Indonesia dies or the network breaks, the user is still can be able to access the web / blog that we have.

The advantage of using CDN (Content Delivery Network) is that our website / blog has a layer 2 security system, especially if your web / blog is often DDOS by unknown people, then using the Free Anti DDOS Feature on the default CDN (Content Delivery Network) CloudFlare Very helpful you.

The advantages of SEO are that on SEO, our website / blog will get a good score from gtmetrix and Google PageSpeed. There is nothing wrong with using CloudFlare Free, because in fact there are currently many websites / blogs from SEO masters and Web masters who use CloudFlare and take advantage of its advantages.

Benefits of CloudFlare Free CDN

1. Cache Website / Blog
2. Website Security / Blog
3. Dramatically Increase OnPage SEO Score

From the three points above, the factor that I like the most using CloudFlare’s Free CDN is that the SEO score is very significant and can help increase the reputation of the website / blog that we have or have, in addition to layered security and web / blog cache that can reduce blog burden. me directly. In essence, these are some of the SEO techniques that Tekinfom uses to improve the performance of SEO OnPage in Full Power and Free.

How do you set CloudFlare to your favorite Blogspot by using a .COM domain, Read the next article. May be useful. Thanks.